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Frequently Asked

1What is Krown?

KROWN is designed to slow down or inhibit corrosion on vehicles. It is a petroleum based product with rust inhibitors containing no solvents. In fact the Krown product is environmentally safe, contains no toxins, is non-flammable, is non-reactive, is non-corrosive, can be sprayed in any weather, remains active, and is not WHMIS controlled.

2Does it drip? Why....and for how long?

The product must get into the seams and around spot welds to work effectively. It is moisture that causes corrosion, so an effective rust inhibitor needs to be thin enough to penetrate anywhere that water can. After the product has penetrated these areas, the excess product drips off. The majority of the dripping occurs within 24-48 hours with very little, if any, dripping after that point. Don't worry KROWN is environmentally-friendly.

3How does Krown actually work?
4When is the best time of year to have my car sprayed?
If your vehicle has never been protected, then the best time to spray it is right now. From a corrosion point of view, the corrosion process is most active in the spring and summer months due to the increase in temperature. However, an annual application of Krown, regardless of the time of year it is applied in, will provide 12 months of protection against corrosion.
1Why do you have to drill holes and will these holes rust?
2Can KROWN be applied even if it's raining or snowing?
3Do I have to "KROWN" my vehicle every year?
To ensure that your vehicle is adequately protected, it is essential to have it treated every year. Especially these days when extremely aggressive road chemicals are in use for de-icing our roads, make sure you come in for a treatment every year.
4Does KROWN offer a warranty against corrosion?
Yes. KROWN offers both new and used warranties on vehicles that qualify. We believe that our warranty program is second to none. Click on the "warranty" page in the bottom navigation for more information on our new and used warranty policy.

Still have questions? We'll be glad to answer them!